Unsafe Buildings/ Appartments

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Unsafe Buildings In Sheffield

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If you want to comment to the UK Government about the quality of building management and problems you have found difficult to solve, here is the opportunity. Service charges are the fees most leaseholders pay to cover their share of maintaining their building, and are frequently the subject of controversy – for poor work, excessive charges or bad management. 

The Department for Communities and Local Government is currently seeking views on what measures it should take. It says: “Consumers often have very little control over the services they receive, and limited ability to challenge agents when not of the quality they expect or deserve. Tenants and leaseholders can be exploited and subject to exorbitant charges”.

Managing agents are a person or company appointed by the owner (or someone operating on their behalf) to manage that property and their role may include for instance repairs and maintenance. Managing agents operate in both the private rented sector and the leasehold sector.