Making The Most of Sheffield's History

Sheffield has a great history and there are many organisations preserving it. Here are a few:

  • Friends of the Old Town Hall a campaigning group, set up in 2014 to press for the rescue of the Sheffield Old Town Hall, a beautiful and historic former town hall and courthouse. This Grade 2 listed building has been empty since the Crown Court was relocated to West Bar in 1996.
  • www.hhbs.org.uk Hallamshire Historic Buildings has been campaigning to protect Sheffield's architectural heritage since 1970. There have been some serious losses, but you may be surprised at some of our successes


A broad range of organisations and individuals representing the Sheffield area’s very diverse heritage sector have come together to explore ways to develop a better resourced, better connected and better communicated heritage offer for a wide range of audiences.

https://www.history.org.uk/student/resource/1171/sheffield-branch-programme = (National) Historical Association - Sheffield Branch

We inspire, enable and encourage people to get involved with history, whether in the classroom, at college, in the library or at home.


a voluntary group who aim to protect and promote the archaeological site of Sheffield Castle for the benefit of the people of Sheffield and surrounding areas, and for future generations.


The “Sheffield: The Home of Football” free walking app will take you on a heritage tour around the historic footballing hot spots that shaped not just Sheffield football, but football worldwide.

Got an idea? Have your say, or come to a meeting! We can't do it alone! If you want this to happen, we need to work together.