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Who are we at Changing Sheff?

Changing Sheff is a vibrant volunteer group, working to improve Sheffield's city centre. We work primarily on the area inside the ring road, with the aim to make the centre the best that we can. But we can't do it alone. The more people that support us the better.

We strive to foster a sense of community and provide a forum for people who live, work and play in Sheffield to raise issues affecting life there and create change. We have a range of ideas that we hope will encourage you to become involved - eg: our plan for Fountain Square Musical Pocket Park - Click HERE for details. Contact us if you're interested in helping.

What is SCCRAG?

SCCRAG is our previous name and stands for Sheffield City Centre Residents Action Group. While we are now known as ChangingSheff, SCCRAG has been an important part of our history since 2012. We have been working for 8 years assisting to make improvements to Sheffield and bringing together anyone who has an interest in the vibrancy of our centre. We are city centre residents who believe strongly in the potential for a modern, vibrant, exciting hub where the current population of over 22,000 can grow by 50% within ten years and bring lively facilities to attract everyone in to enjoy. You don't have to be a resident to get involved - just keen to help Change Sheff into an exciting place to enjoy.

Our Chair is Peter Sephton, our secretary is Dave Hussey-Yeo; they and the ChangingSheff committee can be contacted through the enquiry form HERE on the website Home Page.

Our Constitution is shown at the bottom of this page.

Who is this website for?

Anyone interested in making Sheffield the best it can be! If you have any ideas and want a say, email us, or come to one of our meetings! If you have an idea, or something to say, we want to hear it.

You may be a resident, owner of a business, visitor, it doesn't matter. Anyone with an interest in maximising the benefits of Sheffield City Centre, whether they live there or come from outside is welcome.

What are the objectives of Changing Sheff?

Why take part in what we are doing?

Would you like it if Sheffield can succeed?:

• To bring together all parties that have an interest in keeping the City Centre vibrant, clean, well-designed, safe and enjoyable for the 20,000+ people who reside in Sheffield City Centre, within the ring road.

• To improve all aspects of City Centre life through education, debate and discussion.

• To create an acceptable balance between the needs of residents, businesses and the night-time economy so that all who live in, or use the City Centre, can enjoy its benefits.

• To collect and disseminate information of use to residents and to provide advice for residents who require assistance with an issue relating to living in the City Centre: for example, noise regulations, cleaning controls, litter regulations, graffiti and apartment block management.

• To present the views of the group to appropriate bodies when action needs to be taken to improve an aspect of life in the City Centre. This may include the need to lobby, campaign or otherwise influence such bodies.

What do you think? HAVE YOUR SAY TOO!

Changing Sheff Terms & Conditions

Our Conditions of Use for Changing Sheff (Previously SCCRAG) are shown here: by continuing, you are deemed to have accepted them.

View Our Constitution below or by clicking this LINK:

ChangingSheff Constitution (V3).pdf