Making Sheffield Healthier

Changing Sheff is working to achieve this by:

  • Meeting with Director for Public Health on health issues in the city centre, including Medical Services available inside the ring road – are there enough facilities for the population and at suitable times? + the damage of 9% strength alcohol sales and air pollution levels.
  • We are planning a seminar on 15th May 2019 for speakers to explain Sheffield's health services and residents & interested parties to talk about the issues. Contact us for details
  • See all the initiatives in our other pages - Clean, Low Crime, Safe Buildings

Got an idea? Have your say, or come to a meeting! We can't do it alone! If you want this to happen, we need to work together.

Think living in the city is bad for your health? This might not be the case!

Inner-city living makes for healthier, happier people, according to a new study. Residents of higher-density areas are more active, more socially engaged – and less obese – than people who live in the sprawl of suburbia. Click here for the full story in The Guardian.

Inequality Report

Health Inequalities across the city

The Director of Public Health Report for Sheffield, 05/10/16, suggested health inequalities in the city on a geographical basis which are not improving.

People living in the city centre were shown to have higher levels of respiratory & smoking & alcohol related diseases, than other areas of the city.

Click here to download reports.