Photo above at opening of the Park on 27 May 2023

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Musical Pocket Park in Charter Square

Open NOW in Charter Square, Sheffield City Centre, S1 3FZ, at the rear of Debenhams, next to The Light cinema. 

Come along to see the 11 instruments - and have a go!

In addition to the 11 instruments available for everyone to play, plus a music stand, the Musical Pocket Park is a tribute to 50 years of musicians who originated in Sheffield and became famous outside the city. 

You can support this initiative by Dedicating an instrument - Check the details below - then email us for how to memorialise a musician, a band or a musical loved one - 

Support our tribute to those Sheffielders who have made wonderful music 

for our entertainment over so many years

Dedicate an instrument:

This is a unique opportunity for individuals or groups to dedicate one of the instruments, with the money raised going into a fund to develop activities related to the musical pocket park, such as recitals, competitions, music lessons for aspiring percussionists and musical fun for all ages.

Each of the 11 musical instruments plus music stand can have a dedication engraved on a permanent plaque. It offers a long-lasting memory of a musician, a band, fan club, music teacher, or other person whose musical connection you feel should be memorialised. It must have a musical connection and there is a charge for this service. Email us for more information at 

For example:

Dedicated to Mary Stewart, a great musician in our Sceptics band from 1995-2021 - we miss you Mary

Dedicated to all the fans by Pup People Fan Club – PupWiki

Richard Housely loves this musical project and dedicates it to all his friends

Antarctic Milkleys played on this, our favourite instrument - dedicated by their fan club

Dedicate to a musician, a band, a loved one, a fan base,  a performer's your choice. There are only 12 opportunities, so make contact soon - email  us HERE and ask for details 

Thanks to those who have generously dedicated an instrument

The funds raised promote music involvement through community uses of the park to facilitate recitals and competitions and enable individual and group music lessons.

Email  to become involved in learning, teaching and playing good music

Be a part of the ‘Band Having Fun’