Our Seminar on how Sheffield City Centre will look when current changes are complete was a great success. Check out our ideas for what could be added to attract people to visit HERE

For a graphic Vimeo fly-over view of our new City Centre - click HERE

Keep Pinstone Street Pedestrianised - sign the Petition HERE

Here To Improve Sheffield's City Centre

Together we are ChangingSheff. We are residents who want to make Sheffield's City Centre as vibrant, fun, well designed, easy-to-use, convenient to live in, clean, safe and enjoyable as possible. Great for residents, businesses, and visitors alike.

  1. See our ideas to attract people to visit the city centre HERE

  2. For our 2021 AGM Presentation about the City Centre - Click HERE

  3. For happy post-lockdown City Centre photos - Click HERE

  4. See April 2021 Changes to Carver St. & Rockingham St. Traffic Flows HERE

  5. Pavement Accessibility Guidelines for Cafes & Pubs are HERE

  6. Please find a moment to take our Survey = HERE

You can register to help a national survey - the Covid Symptom Study - led by Dr Tim Spector, professor of genetic epidemiology at King’s College London. Click HERE for information


Sheffield During Lock-down & beyond

Click HERE to see photos of the City Centre during 14 weeks of lock-down and beyond



the Coronavirus advice in the notice below this panel from the Federation of Private Residents' Associations is IMPORTANT - follow the link

to download. And if your apartment block is not a member of the FPRA, we advise you to join. It isn't expensive and it is a great source of information about how apartments should be managed.


The Street Community

ChangingSheff initiated the support system for the street community in 2014 and it has grown to 25 agencies, funded and voluntary, involved with the Help-us-Help programme. No-one needs to be homeless in Sheffield if they are willing to accept support through the assistance available. Click on the Help-us-Help link above or click on the Facebook page for details.


If you're interested in our city centre community, click to see what we do! 👌🇬🇧

& Click HERE to contact us

email <hello@changingsheff.org> for more details


Our next public meeting is to be announced:

ChangingSheff is fully supportive of the BID process, which is making a difference to our city centre in ways the Council is unable to afford.

To see our city centre Musical Pocket Park proposal click HERE - this project has been delayed in 2020 but we aim to go ahead in 2021

Cycle Sheffield's vision of a pedestrianised Division Streetclick HERE for more infoIs this a post-coronavirus answer to create social distancing?

#changingsheff - formerly SCCRAG: Sheffield City Centre Residents' Action Group

Devonshire Green: spring 2019