In Need

Support For Individuals In Need

We want Sheffield to be safe and a good place to live. If you are in need, such as homeless, job less or suffering in some way, the information below may be of use to you:


  • HelpUsHelp is a collaboration between all the services who support those who find themselves homeless. Click here to visit their website
  • Crisis South Yorkshire - Crisis is a national charity, but the South Yorkshire group cover Sheffield, Barnsley, Rotherham and Doncaster. They provide support and education to those who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. They have 1 to 1 support workers, they offer rent and lifestyle support. All their classes are free and they have changed many people's lives. They have classes in Renting, Cookery, Arts and Crafts, Gardening, Computer and Work Skills, Bike Repair, Fimo Modeling, Upcycling, First Aid, Stained Glass Workshops, First Aid, Health Fitness & Wellbeing, and Coaching. Free. Go here and select your area to see what's on near you. If you would like a support worker and are homeless or at risk of homelessness, ring 0114 317 7300
  • Street Link 0800 066 5358 A charity trying to tackle homelessness. Users are able to report the location of rough sleepers as they spot them. The charity behind the app then passes this crowd-sourced information on to the relevant local charities and organisations. Volunteers then know which areas of Sheffield to visit on their patrols, and if they find rough sleepers, are able to offer support and a space at local homeless shelters. Reporting is very straightforward and can be done via the StreetLink app or the StreetLink website.
  • Free food and drink is available seven days a week for people who are without accommodation or income. See list and map of places.
  • Services that are open on weekdays between 9am and 5pm also offer support to get accommodation, access healthcare, and provide advice and guidance on a range of issues and concerns useful to people who are homeless. The main services are Cathedral Archer Project and Ben’s Centre.
  • Sanitary supplies: along with new underwear, sanitary towels and tampons are available at the Cathedral Archer Project and Ben’s Centre.
  • Sleeping bags: These are available through a number of agencies including the Rough Sleeper Service, Ben’s Centre and the Cathedral Archer Project.
  • Sun cream: Overlooked but important on sunny days, available from the Big Issue, Ben’s Centre and the Cathedral Archer Project.
  • Dog food and healthcare: Supported by the RSPCA food and some health care for dogs is available through the Cathedral Archer Project and Ben’s Centre.
  • Showers and laundry: Ben’s Centre and the Cathedral Archer Project have showers with shower gels, shampoos, toothpaste and brushes. The Cathedral Archer Project also has a laundry and people who are rough sleeping can keep spare clothes and valuables in storage at the project.
  • Care of address and free telephone: posted mail remains important for medical, housing, financial and other documents and appointments. People living on the streets can use day services like Ben’s Centre and the Cathedral Archer Project as care-of addresses and also for free phone use to contact families or those important appointments or services.
  • Access to the internet: many services are easier to contact electronically and some only offer e-communication. This excludes people who cannot afford internet services or the gadgets needed for internet access. A number of services offer free access including the Cathedral Archer Project, Ben’s Centre and the Big Issue.
  • Accommodation: Call the council’s Housing and Options line on 0114 273 6306 from Monday – Friday, 8.30am to 5pm. In emergencies, during evenings and weekends, please phone: 0800 7311 689.
  • ASSIST Sheffield provides support to refused asylum seekers. Support for people who can’t access benefits as they have ‘No Recourse to Public Funds’ and People with ‘No Recourse to Public Funds’ are unable to claim most benefits, tax credits or council housing assistance.
  • During extreme cold weather: Overnight accommodation is offered to anyone who would be sleeping rough during times of extremely cold weather. This includes crash pad accommodation and accommodation in hostels. Anyone helped by this will be linked to the Street Outreach Team who will offer longer term support and help to secure housing. The emergency accommodation is arranged by Sheffield City Council on 0114 273 6306 during office hours or 0800 7311 689 outside them.
  • Free Dental, nurse and GP surgeries can be accessed on a drop-in basis at the Cathedral Archer Project.
  • GP and nurse surgeries or appointments are also provided at the Salvation Army and Bevin Court hostels and other Supported Accommodation providers. These clinics can provide routine tests to identify treatable illnesses and prevent illness and disease from getting worse.
  • Get help with alcohol. Help is available if you’re worried about your drinking or someone else’s. Phone: 0114 226 3000. Address: 44 Sidney Street, (Matilda Street entrance), Sheffield, S1 4RH
  • Get help with drugs - Opiate Service, for anyone using heroin or other opiate based drugs. Phone: 0114 305 0500. Address: Fitzwilliam Centre, 143-145 Fitzwilliam Street, Sheffield, S1 4JP
  • Get help with drugs - Non Opiate Service. This service is for anyone using drugs such as cocaine, cannabis, new psychoactive substances and any other non-opiate based substances. Phone: 0114 272 1481. Address: 44 Sidney Street (Sidney Street entrance), Sheffield, S1 4RH Call 0114 226 3000
  • Needle exchange: Needle exchanges are available at the Opiate and Non-Opiate services. More than 14 pharmacies also provide a needle exchange. See where
  • Cathedral Archer Project - help homeless people achieve a better life through providing a wide range of support services. Information on opening times and how to get involved. If you want to volunteer, click here. If you need help, click here.
  • Ben’s Centre is “a place of sanctuary for the vulnerable”. A day centre and an outreach service for people who suffer from the negative impact of drugs or alcohol.
  • The Sunday Centre provides a safe, warm refuge for homeless and vulnerable people on Sundays – providing hot food and drinks, and offering guests the chance to socialise with others. They also help guests access information about other services that may benefit them.
  • The Soup Run - Sheffield Churches Soup Kitchen is based on King Street and provides food, basic clothing and bedding and 1:1 support, 7 nights per week from 8-9pm, between September and May. It's all free for people who are homeless. Come along, or if you want to volunteer, contact
  • Roundabout - Sheffield’s youth homeless charity has helped over 15,000 young people in the city since 1977, providing shelter, support and life skills to young people aged 16-24 who are homeless or at risk of homelessness, along with a comprehensive programme of training allowing them to develop long term independent living skills which breaks the cycle of homelessness. To get involved in donating, fundraising or volunteering visit the website. General Enquiries - 0114 253 6789. Roundabout Hostel - 0114 258 9829. Young Homeless Prevention Service - 0114 272 8424. Resettlement Team - 0114 253 6721. Supporting Tenants - 0114 253 6797. Group Living, Sheffield - 0114 275 7941. Doncaster Transitional Housing - 01302 370 757
  • Sheffield Street Outreach Team - Contact 0800 066 5358 (free from landlines and mobiles) or text SOT to 80800, followed by your message. This service is provided by Framework.
  • Sheffield Housing Options line - Call the council’s Housing and Options line on 0114 273 6306 from Monday – Friday, 8.30am to 5pm. In emergencies, during evenings and weekends, please phone: 0800 7311 689.

Recovery groups:

(There are over 40 groups seven days a week in Sheffield)

  • Narcotics Anonymous (NA) - there are over 7 meetings per week, contact NA Helpline for meeting details 0300 999 1212. NA also offer online group support go to http://ukna.orq/
  • Alcoholic Anonymous (AA) - there are over 14 meetings a week, contact AA National Helpline for meeting details 0800 9177 650.
  • Al'Anon - Family Groups provide support to anyone whose life is, or has been, affected by someone else's drinking, regardless of whether that person is still drinking or not. There are over 5 meetings a week, contact Al-Anon for meeting details 02074030888
  • SASS / ARC - Alcohol Recovery Community, offers peer support, groups, and activities for people affected by alcohol. Contact SASS on 0114 258 7553 to find out more, based at 646 Abbeydale Road, Sheffield, 57 2BB.
  • KickBack Recovery - Cathedral Archer Project Campo lane Sheffield - run recovery support groups for anyone contemplating recovery or in recovery, sessions run Monday 1A-12, Wednesday 10-12 and a Friday activity contact Mick Hartley for more details 07SS7 269 808.
  • KickBack Recovery - De hood gym, Manor, every Thursday, 4-8 pm at The old Prince Edwards school, Prince of Wales Road, Sheffield - recovery meeting with one hour free optional fitness session, a safe place to share what's going on for you, contact Mick Hartley 07557 269 808.
  • SMART Recovery run 6 groups per week, and is an evidence based programme to help people manage their recovery from any type of addictive behaviour. This includes addictive behaviour with substances such as alcohol, nicotine or drugs, or compulsive behaviours such as gambling, sex, eating, shopping, self-harming and so on. SMART stands for 'Self-Management and Recovery Training'. Call Tel: 0330 053 6022 for details of meetings. SMART also offer online support
  • Mutual Aid groups over 40 groups seven days a week in Sheffield To find out about ALL support groups go to for a full calendar of meeting
  • Facebook: Sheffield Recovery Community / KickBack Recovery / Addaction Sheffield / The R-C / ARC.SASS / Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust

Misusing substances:

Sheffield Drug and Alcohol Co-ordination Team (DACT) commissions a range of services for individuals misusing substances. AII of the services are open access, which means you can drop into the service and be seen the same day, or call on the phone and speak to someone for support. Details of the treatment services are below.

  • Alcohol Service - for anyone concerned about their own or someone else's drinking: Phone: 0114 226 3000 Address: 44 Sidney Street, (Matilda Street entrance), Sheffield, 51 4RH Walk in: Mon, Tue, Wed and Fri 9am-4.30pm, Thursdays 12 noon to 8pm Website:
  • Sheffield Alcohol Support:
  • Opiate Service -for anyone using heroin or other opiate based drugs Phone: 01 14 305 0500 Address: Fitzwilliam Centre, 143-145 Fitzwilliam Street, Sheffield, S1 4JP Walk in: Mon, Tues, Fri 9am-4.30pm, Wed and Thurs 9am - 8pm Website:
  • Non Opiate Service - for anyone using drugs such as cocaine, cannabis, new psychoactive substances and any other non-opiate based substances. Phone: 0114 272 1481 Address: 44 Sidney Street (Sidney Street entrance), Sheffield, 51 4RH Walk in: Mon, Tue, Fri- 9am-4.30pm, Wed 9-7pm (5-7pm Juice Clinic for steroid and performance and image enhancing drug users), and Thurs 9-7pm. Website:
  • Addaction Sheffield - work with anyone over 18 who has a substance misuse issue which has led to involvement in the criminal justice system. Services are open to everyone, including people who are completing a statutory order. Call: 0114 253 6830. Address: 42 Sidney Street, Sheffield, S1 4RH
  • Needle Exchange There is extensive provision of NEX in Sheffield, at both the Opiate and Non-Opiate Services, People can access all equipment needed for safe injecting there, as well as return equipment for safe disposal. A list of all needle exchanges can be found on the Sheffield DACT website
  • Residential rehab lf people would like to be considered for rehab they need to access treatment through the pathways above, and then discuss with their allocated key worker/clinician. lf the decision is made during these discussions by both parties that they are suitable for consideration, or that this is something they could work towards, then their worker must refer them to the substance misuse social workers who work within the treatment services. These social workers will then work with the person on a full needs assessment which has to be completed before any case can be brought to the Care Management Panel for funding approval. On the budget allocated, Sheffield can fund around 26 rehab placements per year (a full 6 month programme costs an average of f 13,500 per person) and as such, there is a more rigorous process to go through to evidence motivation and increase the likelihood of a successful outcome. This includes the requirement to work with the services to achieve pre-rehab goals, full engagement with appointments, attending group sessions recommended by the social workers, and being open to considering various placements. This preparation work has been shown to be key in preparing people for the realities of an intensive rehab placement. For those who are accepted for rehab and require detoxification before entry, they will likely be offered a place on Burbage ward for an inpatient detox, unless it is appropriate for them to receive a detox in the community. This would be co-ordinated by the social workers in consultation with the client to ensure all inpatient detox and rehab start dates line up.
  • Sheffield Recovery Community Sheffield has a thriving recovery community which is expanding weekly, this is supported by DACT and commissioned treatment providers as well as other recovery organisations such as Phoenix House, SASS, the Jesus Centre, Addaction, User Voice, The Amy Winehouse Foundation, Archer Project, De Hood Boxing Gym, and Families in Recovery. All of these organisations meet monthly to update information, promote and co-ordinate the recovery offer in Sheffield. The Recovery Community also has a strong presence on social media to connect people in recovery. There are now NA and AA, and SMART meetings running every day of the week in Sheffield, and membership is growing. The timetable can be found on the DACT website:
  • Our Non Opiate Service manages the Ambassador Scheme, where people in recovery undertake a 6 month accredited training programme (1 day per week), and at the end of the course are offered a one year placement in both commissioned and non-commissioned treatment and recovery support providers.

Volunteering opportunities:

  • If you are interested in volunteering to help people, most of the above provide opportunities to get involved and make a difference. There is also, Voluntary Action Sheffield which has extra information about volunteering opportunities in Sheffield.

Street Begging - what should I do?

If you really want to help, please do NOT give people who are begging cash. Although this sounds counter intuitive, in a lot of cases it often makes the situation worse - feeding addictions to alcohol, betting or drugs – or in some cases they are not homeless but pose as such to get money from people's generosity.

Instead, you can help in other ways that make sure your money and time is going to be useful. Instead of cash, offer to buy them some food or a drink. This way you assess whether they genuinely need your help - if they truly are in need, they generally accept.

All the agencies working to help people get off the streets give the same advice. Instead of giving money:

Help us Help

HelpUsHelp is a collaboration between all the services who support those who find themselves homeless or begging

Please click here to visit their website