In Need

Support For Individuals In Need

We want Sheffield to be safe and a good place to live. If you are in need, such as homeless, job less or suffering in some way, the information below may be of use to you:



Recovery groups:

(There are over 40 groups seven days a week in Sheffield)

Misusing substances:

Sheffield Drug and Alcohol Co-ordination Team (DACT) commissions a range of services for individuals misusing substances. AII of the services are open access, which means you can drop into the service and be seen the same day, or call on the phone and speak to someone for support. Details of the treatment services are below. 

Volunteering opportunities:

Street Begging - what should I do?

If you really want to help, please do NOT give people who are begging cash. Although this sounds counter intuitive, in a lot of cases it often makes the situation worse - feeding addictions to alcohol, betting or drugs – or in some cases they are not homeless but pose as such to get money from people's generosity. 

Instead, you can help in other ways that make sure your money and time is going to be useful. Instead of cash, offer to buy them some food or a drink. This way you assess whether they genuinely need your help - if they truly are in need, they generally accept. 

All the agencies working to help people get off the streets give the same advice. Instead of giving money:

Help us Help

HelpUsHelp is a collaboration between all the services who support those who find themselves homeless or begging

Please click here to visit their website